A Lesson on Grammar (Relative Clauses)

I’ve been teaching ESL (English for as a Second Language) for high school students from Taiwan for the summer school. One day, we had a lesson on relative clauses. I said, “Write a sentence using a relative clause starting with ‘who’.” This is what one of my students wrote.

“My father who is my dad said,‘….’”

Um….yeah, it is grammatically correct, but is this relative clause really needed here!? I think we gotta make a relative clause to feel a little more useful, don’t you think!? But I had a good laugh!

Well, do you want to make me laugh some more? If you do, then please comment on this post and give me an example of “a useless use of a relative clause.” I will pick the best one which is supreme. Got it?



夏期講習のESLクラス(母国語が英語でない人のための英語のクラス)で、台湾からきた高校生達に関係代名詞を教えておりました。そこで、「 “who”で始まる関係節の入った文を作りなさい。」と言ったところ・・・

My father who is my dad said, “….”



P.S. ついでに今晩、役に立ちそうな英文法サイト見つけました。